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Out of Line : Catherine Y. Bates
Joyce Millar, Victoria LeBlanc

Published by McClure Gallery / ABC Art Books Canada, 2009


Publication documenting two exhibitions dedicated to the forty year career of the Canadian painter. Bates’ expressionistic renderings of iconic geographical locations associated with Tom Thomson and Cornelius Krieghoff reveal her attachment not only to the land but to Canadian art history. Two essays situate the artist’s work within the tradition of Canadian landscape painting.


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Counterpane cover


Catherine Y. Bates: Counterpane
Published by Lansdowne House, 1984


Catherine Bates has made the transition from painter to poet not exclusively but inclusively, as the sketches throughout the volume well attest. Some of her poems explore familiar terrain: death in the family, the restorative power of nature, man’s uneasy relationship with the natural world, even the transience of the rose. Others make timely and political statements about ecology and industrial pollution. At times the tension between artist and writer is evident, as words are used to describe a visual experience which could as easily be caught by pen and brush. On all subjects, however, the painter’s eye is brought to bear in what is an auspicious first collection of poems. Edward 0. Phillips.


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