DSC04473The acts of painting and drawing are inseparable for me. The surfaces may change from canvas to paper, colours from black to a variety of colours, but the act of drawing is always visible.

Sometimes I draw directly on the surface, other times I draw into a surface which has the paint already applied to it. I work this way because the actions of painting and drawing are physically very important to me, whatever the subject might be. The actions of working heighten my awareness and control of my body, which I see as an instrument of expression and perception. I think this is why viewers often comment on the energy shown in my works.

I paint landscapes because I see them around me, because the land supports us and feeds us. I make still life paintings because I love the shapes of hand-made containers and the simplicity of grouped fruit, vases, and flowers. I sense the energy of the landscape and still life groupings and work to keep that energy visible in my paintings and drawings.