As of March 2015 my studio is a 1300 square foot rented room in the same Montreal commercial building that I have been in for several years, on the main floor, so I can now do without using freight elevators. It’s big, but with two exhibitions out at galleries, there’s space on the shelves. I like painting there, have settled in well, and have prepared the most recent exhibit there.

Concurrent with the physical studio changes are thoughts about the changing role of the artist, since much work now has to be spent on the internet, on photography, on transport, etc. The role of artist is shifting. I am now rearranging the studio to be a better organized production centre for me to work in, with more thought about getting help for what happens to the works afterwards. I need to hire a studio assistant more regularly for preparation of canvases, exhibition arrangements, internet work, etc. The studio must remain a place of painting creativity first and foremost, since nothing can happen without a steady production. The studio is basic. I am happy that I have moved mine to a larger and more convenient location. Priorities I hear!