Going On!

After Kamouraska 3 oil-prepared paper 22x30

Times are tough in the art world.  Sales are down, and there seem to be fewer people going to art exhibitions, at least to those in the commercial galleries.  It’s a time of regrouping, meaning lots of artists will quit painting and that will give the rest of us a bit more fresh air!

Intermittent sales feel like small victories in terms of paying for rents and supplies, for that’s an issue that never goes away.  Otherwise it can now be painting as usual, without too many pressures coming from outside. And it’s wonderful to deal with people who are looking at the art rather than trying to fill in their collecting list.  It also keeps my ideas in a calmer state.  Ideas pour into my mind for paintings I might do – academic education paralleling art training has its advantages, but ideas are so persuasive and take up so much time!  It’s really nicer just to get into the studio and paint.  It feels easier now to paint simple straightforward things, what I see, not what I think, and to let the seeing prompt the decision-making on the canvas.  The art world needs to be kept at that important distance.  Then when time is right, off the paintings will go to the galleries, or to studio visitors.